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A Test of the Heritage Black Bay from the Tudor Watch Collection

Download this FREE article and read our exclusive test of one of today’s most popular Tudor watches.

In the WatchTime magazine article, “Bay Watch,” WatchTime tested a Tudor watch, the Heritage Black Bay. Part of the brand’s vintage-inspired Heritage collection, it recalls the Tudor watches of nearly 50 years ago. To learn more about the Heritage Black Bay, read our free download, “WatchTime Spotlight: Tudor Watch.”

The Heritage Black Bay looks like a vintage Tudor watch and reminds one of the very early Tudor watches:  In 1964, Tudor launched a model called the Prince Submariner, designed to look like the Rolex Submariner. In 1946, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, who created Tudor watches as a sister brand to Rolex watches, said, “For some years now I have been considering the idea of making a watch that our agents could sell at a more modest price than our Rolex watches, and yet one that would attain the standards of dependability for which Rolex (watches) are famous.” Is this still the standard for Tudor watches, today? What’s new about this Tudor watch? And what are “snowflake hands?” Find out more by downloading WatchTime’s article on the Heritage Black Bay.

Find the results of WatchTime’s in-depth, unbiased test of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay in the free download, “WatchTime Spotlight: Tudor Watch.” We evaluated its legibility, wearing comfort, movement and case; here, you’ll discover how the Black Bay compares to the historic Tudor watches that preceded it. Read our free download to find these and other answers to your questions about the Tudor Heritage Black Bay.

In WatchTime’s distinctive style, respected throughout the watch industry, we cover aspects such as this Tudor watch’s water-resistance and the accuracy of its movement. Is the Heritage Black Bay truly the perfect accompaniment for a sailing trip? Read WatchTime’s exclusive test in this free download, and you can be the judge.

Download this FREE article and join us for a “Bay-Watch” with Tudor watches.

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